Sucker for packaging.My thoughts +Pic

20 Jul

Anticipating MAC’s Disney Villain collection got me to thinking. I was thinking about how cosmetic companies are geniuses when it comes to coming up with these collections. I mean how good can it get? Come out with limited edition collections,that sell out and create frenzies amongst us beauty lovers. Hell, they even repromote colors, or even repackage them and slap em in these new fun packages and sell them, many people don’t even realize some have been available all along.

Trust I’m not judging. In fact I’d like to share some things I have purchased, partly because of the packaging. I confess, I am a collector of sorts, and some of these items haven’t even been used. Most I actually do or have used, they have a function!Tears. What a shame. So yes, I will probably buy most everything from the Disney for MAC. What items have you purchased because of the packaging? lol

                              *All items are included are not MAC, but most are*


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