MAC Stereo rose Dupe.Or Maybe not.

22 Jul

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the world of cosmetics,it is impossible to not know about the anarchy MAC’s stereo rose created. It released ,I want to say ,back in 2005 (don’t quote me) and released a couple weeks ago for MAC’s In the Groove Collection. Well it was pretty mcuh sold out before it even hit the counters. Meaning people like myself had it held, and on the release date went and paid for it. Quick on the draw. Welp. That left many out of luck.

So here is when I step in and attempt to find a duplicate. In fact I immediately upon swatching the stereo rose thought….”I know what is exactly the same color”! I went home and rummaged through my make up to find a blush by Laura Geller. Put them next to each other and did a little jig, excited to tell the world what they could pic  it up as an alternative. Let me cut to the chase.

I put Laura Geller Blush And Brighten Golden Apricot next to the stereo rose and they looked nearly identical. When I swatched them, not so much. Long story short, the Geller blush and brighten is an amazing product to have in your arsenal, it isn’t as soft as the stereo rose, which can be used in the cheek area, or all over. Alas, I am back on the search for the perfect stereo rose Have any of you ladies found one?

The upset. 😦

Back on the hunt I go.

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