Tips for transitioning to natural.

4 Aug

I have been asked many times how did I transition from relaxed to natural. First let me clear up a few things. I didn’t go through some like changing experience. I didn’t marry then divorce. I didn’t lose my mind. One day I decided I didn’t want straight hair anymore.I think I got my first relaxer when I was in my early teens, so I have a vivid memory of what my hair was like before a relaxer. With that being said let me start …

Relaxer Days….

 TIP NUMERO UNO! Go natural because YOU want to. It doesn’t require research, what your ancestors did, and all this “finding myself” . Its HAIR. When I want straight hair I slap a wig Maybe you did/will go through something that will change your views on your hair. Thats ok too. I didn’t.

 2. You have to begin to use heat less and less. It wasn’t a big deal for me. I washed my hair every other week. Sat under a dryer with a “roller wrap” and BAM! Bouncing, swinging hair until I washed it again. I hated using a flat iron, curlers, etc. It was more of a lazy thing, I didn’t feel like it. You have to train your hair to revert to it’s natural state. If you constantly are blow drying , straightening it will always be straight. I didn’t use heat during my entire transition (10 months).

When all else failed. I slapped it in a ponytail.

3. Find styles to get you through that stage where you are unsure of if you want to relax again. I wore “twist outs” a sew in and WIGS! 😉

Twist out….

4.Find the right product mix to deal with the two textures of hair.For me I invested in a lot of deep conditioning, and detangling products. My hair is ridiculously thick and lion

5. Finally when you are ready to chop it all off….YOU WILL KNOW. Maybe you will grow it out for years, months, etc. I chopped mine off in the middle of the nite after 10 months of transitioning. 🙂

Happy Transitioning! Please let me know if you have any questions about products or anything. I’ll try to do my best to give you good advice.

Here are some products that I liked using during the “grow out” phase, many of them I still use.


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