Your Hair is Awesome Event.Pics and such.

9 Aug

Saturday came and went. I arrived in Baltimore on Friday evening. We didn’t have set plans, which is perfect because my life is more like a three ring circus most of the time. Saturday was the “Your hair is Awesome” event at Oyin! We picked up Danielle and proceeded to the Exit the Apple store. Upon arrival there were many beautiful heads of hair there, including beauty blogger extraordinaire Erin, of Scandalous Beauty. Me and the homies chatted for awhile, and then littered their counter with our products we were taking home. I did have the chance to talk briefly to the one of the owners, and glowing Mommy to be, Jamyla. She said that they had been in that space for about a year and a half (the shop is open on Saturdays) the rest of the time is dedicated to their HUGE mail order business, which can be found at oyinhandmade as well as The mixtress started making products in 2001 and officially launched the line in 2003.  I’d also like to point out that her and her husband are so cute together. 🙂 Here are pictures! Ummm I packed up what I bought before I snapped a pic, so that will come in a seperate post.

Read about more Oyin adventures here.


Danielle, Moi, Erin and Andrea


Nice lipstick Danny Poo.

Jamyla and Pierre Bennu. Creators of Oyin. Too cute for words. *sniffle*

Aren’t those tees dope?



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