Make up optional skin.101

12 Aug

Yes. Clutch your pearls. I AM going to discuss tips to skin that looks great without make up. Why? Well I don’t want you missing UPS deliveries because you couldn’t get your rouge on in enough time. Also, foundation, concealer, etc covers color, not TEXTURE.

First. Great skin starts with having a slate. Invest in a great cleanser. NEVER ever ever sleep with make up on. You’ll regret it.I recommend something like Aveeno positively radiant, or Fresh’s Soy Face cleanser. The Soy Face cleanser is great because it cleanses and tones. I don’t necessarily swear by using a toner, but toner does restore PH balance thats some cleansers rob you of.

Moisturize. In the day time an SPF of at least 30 is a non-negotiable.Sun is the single biggest cause of collagen break down.And years of sun exposure causes hyperpigmentation. Some of which is not reversable. Also after cleansing at time use a cream that will really hydrate. Unfortunately dry skin shows signs of aging faster than other skin types.You can slow the hands of time by staying moisturized.I always spend more on my night time skin care, as that is wehn your body normally goes through repair anyhow. 

 Treat. Here is when you address whatever you concerns are. For many hyperpigmentation is pretty high on the list. For woman of color, such as myself, If so much as get a tiny pimple, it leaves a mark. No bueno. You can use products with hydroquinone to effectively lighten.Only use at night, as this ingredient makes you sun sensitive. There are alternatives to this ingredient, products such as Caudalie Vinoperfect (used for 2 years and I LOVE it) and Clinique even better come to mind. I

If fine lines, wrinkle and elasticity are a pressing issue, look for products that aim to repair and prevent. Serums sych as Caudalie Vinexpert are good, and Bliss Youth as we know it.Peptides and retinoids are magic ingredients

Another hot button is acne. Yes. I am doggone near 30 and still experience occassional break outs. Try products that include salycilic acid. I favor benzoyl peroxide, for me its a bit more aggressive than other acne fighting ingredients. I don’t have time to horse around.

Other factors that affect your skin; diet and lifestyle. I won’t sit and give you advice on diet. I’m not an expert as much as my weight goes up and down. I do try and stay away from fast food, but as of late, welp. ANYWAY make sure you eat the daily recommended amounts of fruits and veggies. STAY away from cigarettes (nasty habit). I also take flax seed oil capsules, and a multi from Phyto. I recently started taking cod liver oil.Beverly Johnson and MoptopMaven both highly recommend. I will report my findings as soon as I have taken it long enough.

Here are some of my recs for great skin care. Admittedly I have tried all of these at some me your resident Guinea Pig.

 I’m not a dermatologist but feel free to ask me any questions.




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