Disney Venomous Villains for MAC unveiling. Swatches+pics

22 Sep

I am not sure how I am even up at such an ungodly hour, but I am going to share with you all what I got from the collection, and a few other pictures. I went to the MAC store here in Connecticut. It was extremely crowded, yet fairly organized and all the MAC employees were very nice- and I know their damn feet were hurting. I was able to play around with product as much as one could in a tiny shoe box type of space completely filled with make up junkies alike.

Lets get right into this! I snagged a few products after I must’ve looked at  Temptalia’s video like 87542780 times. I am trying to not buy things that already look like something I own.

The packaging is dope and none of the actually product has stickers. MAC knows we aint going for the okie doke, especially since they just had a price increase. AS IF!

I got 3 lipsticks  Dark Deed (Amplified), Heartless (Amplified) and Toxic Tale (Satin). Beauty Powder in “Briar Rose” a blush “Bite of an Apple” and the Magically Cool powder in “Cajun”. I am happy with my purchases, and glad that I had the opportunity to see it before online. Without sites such as Temptalia, you could easily walk into these nutty events, cash out and have to eat beanies and weenies for a month. Fo more information please visit her site, and watch the video if you have not. She explains EVERY single product far better than me and my long winded self. Also I though it might help to swatch it on a woman of color, so that you can have an idea of how it may work for you, if you are a WOC. I don’t have a problem with people using my pcitures, please just link and credit me, k?

Here we go kids.

 “Heartless” it is amplified, so the color payoff is sweet! And you can never have enough red lipsticks.

Toxic Tale- its a satin, which I never buy, but I thought the color was pretty .

Dark Deed- also an amplified. Mannnnnn Me thinks this will be worn all up and through this Northeast winter.

Now for the blushes…..

“Bite of an apple” 

I swatched it, then sheered it out so you guys could see how you can control the intensity- or not.

Beauty Powder in “Briar Rose”

This one I plan on using as a highlight. I will play around with it on top of some cream blushes and see what happens!

Finally, I got the Magically cool liquid powder in “Cajun”….OMG when you apply it feels wet, but the texture is a loose powder They applied all my face, and it gave me a nice glow. My friend who is a darker skin tone, had them try it on her,they used it as a highlighter and it was purty!

It appears lighter in this swatch than it really is.

So did any of you guys go to an unveiling? Do you plan on purchasing anything? I wonder who MAC will collab with next…….

Wait… I almost forgot! They had a set up, and you could dress like one of the villains….check me out!

I didn’t take off my nude lip……..sue me.lol.


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