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Bergdorfs + Women’s Wear Daily 100 years, 100 designers.

29 Oct

On Monday when I got off work I decided to stroll around near the job and managed to venture down 5th avenue. Stopped at 58th and 5th and never does this intersection disappoint.I have apparently been under a rock, because didn’t realize Womens Wear Daily celebrated 100 years in print this year! Amazing, especially since these days publications and editorials fold like a house of cards.

A couple weeks ago Bergdorf’s held a swanky party in celebration of  WWD: 100 Years, 100 Designers  book. Of course the likes of Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, were in the building. Sigh, I wasn’t invited.

This book is now on my Christmas list, seeing as though I already envision it on a coffee table in my space. Man, I love Bergdorf’s windows! But get a load of the pics I managed to snap of the windows. They include pages of the book and some brilliant styling.

 Have a look.

               OH. EM.GEE.

See my boy, Jason Wu in the background? He doesn’t know it but we are BFF’s and will meet for pumpkin spice lattes soon.

My face is still pressed against the glass…………..


I need a vacation.

28 Oct

You know, like where some else cooks, makes my bed, and potentially makes frogs out of my bath towels and leaves them on my bed. But since that is not going to happen… check out some of these past posts and I will be back well rested and all of that with a brand new post (includes some great photos I snapped coming from work) on Friday.

Going natural or considering it? Read my story.

Tips for make up optional skin.

An open letter to Bergdorfs.

Fall outwear from H&M- I noticed many of these items are 30% off in store the other day.

Thanks for bearing with me….



Acqua di Gioia by Armani

27 Oct

This happens to be my latest love and Armani’s latest addition to its family of fragrances, Giorgio Armani ‘Acqua di Gioia’ Eau de Parfum Spray By Giorgio Armani. The name sounds very much like the mainstay fragrance Acqua di Gio (which I’ve worn for years),but this one has the literal translation “water of joy”. I have found that even though it has a really fresh scent it is still fall appropriate. Although I don’t really choose scents based on seasons, for me it is more so my mood. It is available in an eau de parfum which knocks my socks off, because the scent is still there until I shower. The fragrance is also available in a lotion for all you that like to layer.

 From Armani:

 ” ‘Acqua,’ simply meaning ‘water’ in Italian, captures the inspiration of the legendary island of Pantelleria, where the sun and earth meet and create the perfect image of the Mediterranean landscape and the deep blue-green sea. ‘Gioia’ captures the essence of ‘joy’ and brings to mind happiness, serenity and a sense of optimism. Acqua di Gioia captures the essence of the fresh, aquatic territory and is a hymn to nature in all its forms.”


Top notes: mojito-inspired sensual blend of crushed mint leaves warmed by brown sugar and mixed with the zest of Italian Limone.

Heart note: Feminine floral notes emerge with joyous hints of jasmine, dew of peony and traces of pink pepper.

Base note: The signature Mediterranean trail is rooted by the hearts of cedar wood and labdanum. “

Curious to know if the scent is for you? Here are other scents that include some of the same notes.


Current Obsession: Lace up Boots.

26 Oct

I have added two pair to my wants  needs list. I love the versatility of them. I’ve seen them dressed up and down. Even the flat ones are sexy and pull together a look. Besides that , the functionality of them, you can be fly and warm…Although I am still in denial winter is right around the corner. Here are some looks that caught my eye…

           LOVE this pop of color the boot gives.


Here are some that I managed to stalk down…. now let me see if  can locate Santa’s bbm pin.


Meet Kelly.

25 Oct

Sharing what I wore on my paws this past week, Kelly by Zoya- part of the Wonderful collection…. I haven’t really dabbled in Zoya, but after this I think it will be safe to say I need to add more my nail color collection. The the formula is smooth, and at least with this color, zero streaks. The color is a blue grey and I actually got full color with just one coat (pictured is after two coats). Have a look…

 and they’re only $7! definitely reccession proof!

Have any of you guys tried Zoya? What are your favorites?


Rollin with my homies……aka link love

24 Oct


While you’re lounging on this fine Sunday in your fruit of the looms check out these great reads……

Krissy find out what leggings Chrisette is wearing in the Aston Martin video!

Danielle is partnering with excercise TV to help us shed our blueberry muffin tops!

Jenn got in her day bed.I NEED ONE. Plus check out her new digs. Amazing.

Eye Adore Pretty gives a glimpse of the Nars holiday collection.

Patrice shows us how to clean thrift store clothing….

I personally, don’t have anything planned……..exactly how I like it.No one is expecting me any where and I am happy staying in my pajamas all day….Football with a side of Lifetime and a splash of trash reality TV. Enjoy your day folks!


Every little step………

22 Oct

I couldn’t be happier it’s Friday……By the time you read this I will be at work. Enjoy Bob pre-crack. 🙂


Diane Von Furstenburg has your home covered.literally.

21 Oct

We all know her, she only created the wrap dress. These wrap dresses come in many prints and fabrications, perfect for day and night. So I think it’s only natural that DVF spilled these prints into home decor. I was reading Elle Decor and I have decided that I will need (like food, water and wine) to have in my place one day, window treatments and a sofa donned in her designs. Early next year the iconic designer will have 87 prints in towels, bedding and tableware. I can’t wait to see what the pieces actually look like! If you have ever viewed pictures of any of her homes in New York, Paris or Connecticut you can imagine that we are definitely in for a treat! Her flare for interior design also can be found in 20 guest rooms in London’s Claridge’s hotel. Here are some of the images via Elle Decor

Carmen +Danielle =hotmess and the video to prove it.

20 Oct

I have consider for a week or so showing this video which totally embarrasses me.But it cracks me up so I thought I would share. Hope this makes your hump day a little more bearable. Its me and Danielle in the flesh folks! This was in our hotel room a couple weeks

Aston.Martin.Music.Chrisette Michele’s look and my take on it.

20 Oct

This woman can practically do no wrong with her looks in my opinion. She can rock any hair style, and I have yet to see her make up look bad. So after watching Rick Ross’s video she may need to get a restraining order for me. Have a look, I couldn’t find actual images so I did screen shots of the video.

How in the hell can you go wrong with a red lip, minimal eye shadow, heavy black liner, lashes and tons of mascara? You can’t. She is killing it! And the hair? I may go chop mine off again this very second.

LOVE LOVE LOVE her look. I also dig how she is curvy and still looks like a million bucks, no body parts ready to jump out and grab ya.

Here is how I would recreate a smiliar look for myself. Of course I’d slather on cellulite cream first, duh!

and the make up… by the way the Nars matte lipsticks last ALL day folks. Get you one or three.


Here is the video, in case you haven’t watched yet.