Framework: Carm’s brows + pics and tips

8 Oct

Brows, I would say, are the single most important feature on the face. I would venture to say they are more important than eyes and lips. I went to get my brows done and decided to share with you all my take on them. As far as finding the perfect person to take care of yor brows here are a few things to consider. First, you want to make sure they place is clean and has the highest standards for sanitary work areas. Next, make sure the person listens to you, values your opinion and understands what you are trying to achieve with your brows. If they seem to have their own agenda, and/or in a rush, run like hell to get out of there. Make up you can wash off, brows take time to grow back in, if you hate them.

Here are my brows before the waxing. Yes I was looking shiny and busted. I was off up work and did nothing all day.

I normally never let them get this bad, however, some bozo jacked up my shape the last time. But my brow lady is back, so we shall proceed.

In between waxing and/or threading I recommed keeping them groomed with a couple of my faves. This way you never look like teenwolf. Never pluck when you are bored or in terrible lighting. Chances are you will end up lookng like you are always saying, “ha?”. yeah. The suprised look that people with no brows tend to have before they put their brows on.


The cost of these tweezers are worth every dime. I have had mine for 2+ years and they are good as new. Here are my brows after.

awwwwww! feels so good to have fresh brows.

Now, it doesn’t stop there. At the beginning of my brows the hair is a bit sparse. This where you can fill them in with a pencil or powder. I would lightly fill the rest in and then set it with a gel or wax. Here are some of my favorites for brow grooming. 

 Here is a small tutorial for getting a great shape. You should always use your nose as a guide. The lines from my nose show where your borw should start, arch and end.

Hope this post helps someone! Excuse that dumb look on my face. 🙂



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