Bergdorfs + Women’s Wear Daily 100 years, 100 designers.

29 Oct

On Monday when I got off work I decided to stroll around near the job and managed to venture down 5th avenue. Stopped at 58th and 5th and never does this intersection disappoint.I have apparently been under a rock, because didn’t realize Womens Wear Daily celebrated 100 years in print this year! Amazing, especially since these days publications and editorials fold like a house of cards.

A couple weeks ago Bergdorf’s held a swanky party in celebration of  WWD: 100 Years, 100 Designers  book. Of course the likes of Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, were in the building. Sigh, I wasn’t invited.

This book is now on my Christmas list, seeing as though I already envision it on a coffee table in my space. Man, I love Bergdorf’s windows! But get a load of the pics I managed to snap of the windows. They include pages of the book and some brilliant styling.

 Have a look.

               OH. EM.GEE.

See my boy, Jason Wu in the background? He doesn’t know it but we are BFF’s and will meet for pumpkin spice lattes soon.

My face is still pressed against the glass…………..



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