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Current Obsession: Bond No.9 "Chinatown"

30 Nov

Quick! Get a pen….if you are looking for a gift for the girl who has everything, or a perfume collector, look no further.

I have fallen in love with this scent. I tried it quite some time ago and never made the actual “investment”. Trust I have wasted years on not taking the plunge. For me, your perfume of choice should evoke some type of emotion. Nostalgia, happiness, etc, you know, those types of things. For me it definitely takes me to a happy place. The packaging is so pretty, something cute and unexpected where ever it may sit in your bedroom. I highly recommend you taking a trip to a Bond No.9 boutique if are in the NYC area, or do a search if you are in the U.K. I have gotten great service at the location at the 72nd and Madison Ave location. All of the perfumes are named after an area or borough of NYC.

The notes include :

Peach blossoms, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli, cardamomHave you ever tried any scents from Bond?

I can appreciate a good chunky sweater.

30 Nov

With temps in the 40’s its time to pull out the big guns. And since we can’t be caught dead in big sweatshirts and all that foolishness, here are some sweaters they are sure to warm your rib cages and my back fat.

These sweaters are by Twinkle, I can’t say enough good things about Twinkle. Although I am pissed I missed her appearance at Rockefeller Center a couple years back, where she did give tips and tricks on knitting. Speaking of which…did you know you can by her yarn and pattern books and make your own?

I have been able to snag a couple of Twinkle sweaters via a sample sale, they retail for $300+ and I copped for $50. If one ever pops up it would be to your advantage to grab a couple.

Here are a few sweaters I dig, however I am awaiting an huge inheritance before I can afford them.



What are some of your staple pieces for staying warm? I am going on record to say that I will retire in the south, I can’t be 60 living in this cold.


NYX lipstick pics+swatches

29 Nov

I have been meaning to get this post up for a minute… Here are most of the nyx lipsticks I own, swatches and all that good stuff.

In my humble opinion NYX has an extensive color range in regards to lipsticks. Most of them are smooth and could rival many major cosmetic brands. The best part is that they are recession proof. I always pay less than $3 and most online sites have them for about $2.50 or so.

Here are swatches:

from left to right; frauccino, creamy beige, taupe, femme

heather, twig, twist, heredes

chaos , bruised *for the record one can never have enough red lipstick


If you are looking to try some new colors, or build your kit I highly recommend NYX……..Here are some other things I dig


Do you have any NYX faves?

Rollin with my homies……. aka link love

28 Nov

               let your hurr down.

By now you all have eaten turkey 7099327326 ways. I had a busy weekend, but I am relaxing today. Here are some great reads while you’re lounging in your snuggie and granny panties.

The Style and Beauty Doctor is giving away TWO clarisonics!

My homie Erin shows us new palettes from NYX

Krissy has swatches and pics of the new lipsticks from the  Covergirl Queen collection.

Vex in the City reviews Eyeko fat balms.

I stalk Necole Bitchie’s Tumblr on the reg. 


What I wore.Jive turkeys dig fair isle.

26 Nov

Hope everyone had a relaxing, fattening Thanksgiving. I went to Jersey where I pigged out at the Charter Club, with really nice views of NYC.

I didn’t get really fancy, and just wanted to look put together and presentable. I wore one of my favorite sweaters I got at Anthropologie a couple years ago. I realllyyyyy like fair isle sweaters, it sparks nostaligia. Doesn’t it make it remind you of your youth?

I wore my Levi’s and my oxfords with my old ass sweater.


We stopped in Times Square on our way to Jersey….

Now who is tearing down malls for gifts for Carm tomorrow?

Eve Pearl 55 percent off ! check my recs (pics included)

25 Nov

One of my favorite brands  Eve Pearl is also participating in the black Friday madness! 55% off your purchase beginning black Friday (Midnight Thursday) and ends Monday.

I have used several  of Eve’s products, the foundation, blush trio and various lip products. The HD foundation is seamless and never cakey. I also like it because I am forever between shades, and it contains two colors. I can take my brush back and forth or stick to one side, the same idea for the amazing blush trio.

Here is a shot of me wearing the trusty dual HD foundation

don’t ask me why I wasn’t smiling lol

the blush trio any complexion can wear and is perfect for everyday, the salmon concealer? INFAMOUS!- trust.

Here is a HD foundation -in “dark”, my current one has hit pan, and you won’t be able to appreciate it seeing as though I have abused it thoroughly.

Compact is cute and even comes in this little pouch


ok ok now the deets of the promo…Just enter the code  BPCM2010 for 55% off your purchase, excluding kits (which are already at an amazing value).

Also mention my name or blog site in the comments!

A fashionable home office.

24 Nov

 I have been an avid reader of Get it Girl Style for the past year. She mixes home decor (I love her eye for interior design), fashion and a splash of lifestyle…

I pretty much want to camp out in her home office. I can see myself blogging, surfing the web and sipping chai tea right at her desk. I love the green walls, which for some, may be unexpected in a home office. I have also put the West Elm parson’s desk on my hierarchy of needs (hint, hint if you are reading this,Mom).

Check it…

love her inspiration board, and it reminds me I need to get on one for myself!

check out her blog today! guaranteed great read!


Hold the Drama, per Ginger and Liz.

23 Nov

 I ordered this color some time ago, and I realized last night I have not shared it with you guys! Actually it’s timely, because Ginger + Liz will be doing a promo soon. On December 14th they will have 40% off their nail colors. I am telling you right now, stock up! The colors are amazing, streak free, and very smooth.

Here are my paws with “Hold the Drama”



OFFICIAL Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick release deets!

23 Nov

And here you have it! No wait lists, just hurry up and buy on November 26, 2010! BAM! Will you be sitting on your computer waiting? I

Shout out to Krissy for the heads up!

Miss Jessies BOGO sale announced!Product Reviews +My recs!

22 Nov

AT LAST! it has been announced! The once a year promo, Miss Jessies buy one get one free event! This is when I really stock up!


Here are some links to reviews I have done in the past!

Baby buttercreme and the Rapid Recovery Treatment


Silk Stretch Silkening cream

Read a post I did some time ago about the Miss Jessies sisters, “Hair Envy” .

My hair cut earlier this year, where my stylist used all Miss Jessies products to style my hair.

Here are definites that I will be getting from the promo…and that will be two of everything, I use the products that much. I’m sure some other products will end up in my bag along the way.

What is on your list?