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Your hair + winter: how to maintain healthy hair

1 Nov

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Brutal cold temperatures , and other extreme weather conditions could spell disaster for your hair. Here are some suggestions for keeping your hair healthy and damage free during this upcoming winter.

This first thing that comes to mind is protecting your tresses. Winter coats, scarves and hats, while protecting you from the elements could be breaking your hair. Now, I am hardly suggesting that you go without these items in the name of healthy hair; but here are a few things you can do to stay warm and breakage free.

Line your hats with silk. The silk will provide a smooth, friction free barrier between your hair and the wool, are other materials that snap your hair, due to their rough texture.

Sleep with a satin bonnet and or pillow case. The same idea plays out here. Less friction means less breakage.


While we love the warmth of our homes and tend to kick the heat up several notches, the heat can be very drying. Invest in a humidifier to ensure the air stays moist. You will see a difference in the moisture level of your hair and skin. Humidifier not in the budget? Its all good, take a damp towel hang it from your door knob or ceiling fan.It acts in the same manner as an actual humidifier.

Your regimen. Because the elements become almost more than I can bear (at least here in the Northeast) here is what I do. I am not militant about using sulfate free shampoos, but winters here almost demand them.Sulfate free shampoos are less drying and don’t zap every ounce of moisture out of your hair.


Try alternating with co-washing (conditioner wash) in lieu of actual shampooing. Deep condition your hair whenever you are shampooing, this will help combat the dryness.



If your hair is prone to breakage or color treated, incorporate a protein treatment into your regimen. Make sure you moisturize your hair, paying extra attention to your ends. Finally, seal with some type of oil. I usually opt for jojoba or coconut oil.



And while you are loafing around stuffing your face with turkey and honey baked ham, make sure you drink plenty of water and take your vitamins!

Hope this helps. Let me know in the comments if you change your regimen once the temp drops, and what works for you.