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Hunter Hands.

3 Nov

I grabbed this at American Apparel a few weeks ago and finally put it to good use. I’ve never tried ths shade of green, and  dig it!


It is a really rich shade of hunter green. Amercan Apparel polishes are $6, very recession proof!

Lanvin for H&M pictures and price ranges

3 Nov

I’m going to go on record and say that this thee best designer collection thus far for H&M.

The collection boasts badass LBDs, accessories, tailored jackets, and SHOES. OH MY.

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 I am sure every NYC store will be a total mob scene the day of the release (November 20th). What pieces are you diggng so far? There are like 5 things  want, alas my wallet says different……..the joys of being an adult.

Here are price ranges:

 Cartoon T’s – $40-$50

Jackets and coats – $100-$200 (there is one coat for $350)

Dresses and skirts – $150-$200 (most are $150)

Pumps – $100 Clutch – $40 Necklaces and bracelets – $50 and under

Tights, sunglasses, and a Lanvin lipstick all priced under $50.