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A fashionable studio.

4 Nov

I have said before I really enjoy home decor blogs, magazines and the art of it in general. I can’t actually decorate my place, as I am STILL surrounded by boxes, but I still draw inspiration from a variety of sources for future projects.

So while stalking Apartment Therapy, which I do daily, I came across this AMAZING space. It is actually a part of Behr’s (you know, the paint) “Room for Color” contest. Being the good sport that I am, I voted, duh!

Let me share with you the cool ass studio apartment that I felt deserved my vote. I LOVE how she used rich, and vibrant colors to divide the space. I was immediately reminded that my next apt (don’t get me started on that subject,k?) could very well be a studio (as in all one room).

Feast your eyes on Janelles “Vive la Femme” room. If you love it, I say give her your vote! My mouth is still on the floor. And look how neat is. Makes my current  2 bedroom look like a swap meet gone wrong.

She took that storage unit and totally divided the space, I love it!

The bedroom is clutter free and  I’m sure so serene, without 628710 things going on.

The bold colors seperate the space just like a wall would.


Wonder if Janelle will have me over the next time I’m in DC?


Nars "Crazed" $5 dupe……or maybe not

4 Nov

Sauntering through super Walmart last week I noticed a really awesome blush by  Black Radiance……..I thought it was a very nice color, debated putting it in my cart, and then it came to me! OMG- this looks just like Nars “crazed” ! So I put it in my cart, thinking one small step for mankind- I can tell my readers that I have found a $5 alternative. Then I walked off to get my $6 rotisserie chicken.

Welp. I got home all ready to swatch, and well,see for yourself.

Pretty close, no? ok here is a swatch….

Insert deep sigh. So yeah, not hardly an exact dupe for “Crazed”. I will still continue my quest for hard to find dupes and cheap stuff, mmkay? Sue me. BUT you gotta admit this is a nice ass color and great pay off for $5. Go and buy and and a few other colors. Tell em Carm sent ya.