Lanvin + H&M ….The Aftermath and the lipstick.

22 Nov

The date that was intially announced for the release of the collection initially landed on my day off….welp, when the pictures of the collection surfaced, It was in fact November 20th, and with my luck I had to work, at 8am, when many fashionistas were beginning to shop the racks. Via twitter the night before I saw people in NYC were lining up as early at mignight! I was snug as a bug in a rug.

That didn’t stop me from sauntering down Lexington ave at break time (ok, ok I powerwalked), to the 59th and Lex location. First glance? Well the doors on the 59th street side were locked.pshhhhh. I walked around to Lexington and walked in, no immediate fiasco. I saw the tote bag and grabbed that (it was $3.95 and proceeds go to UNICEF), proceeded upstairs…yesssss there were the goods off towards the back.

Small issue, you needed a wrist band to shop.Sigh. No biggie, I actually think it ws GENIUS. they had it color coded (i.e. if your band was green you shopped from 9:00am- 9:45am). H&M finally got a clue from the craziness of the Stella and other guest designer mob scenes.

I asked a nice girl there if they had any lipsticks, she walked over and grabbed one for me. And there you have it………My Lanvin “haul”… it’s red and I love it. From what I could see the dress hangers were chunky and cute and something I’d like in my closet (weird, I know) they had cute shopping bags. From what I heard the sizing went no larger than a 10. So I guess one more french fry and I wouldn’t be able to wear anything anyway- guess if you never met me you know my size now!lol (keep in mind for birthdays, Christmas, etc.)


my cat is nosey and also a label ho’


I realize my two items could fit into a small plastic bag, but I wanted this one. The satin handles were a nice touch.

and now for my lonely lipstick…

what’s not to love about this packaging? *deets on my nail polish will be up tomorrow*

and the tote

I should have grabbed a couple, there were only $3.95.

Were any of you amongst the masses on Saturday? Get anything good? Scream at me!



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