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Sew Psyched !

21 Sep

As in I am so psyched about this here color! Essie is knocking my socks off these days. Let the pics speak volumes.

If you haven’t checked out their fall collection I beg of thee to do so, expeditiously.


Honorable mention to an oldie but goodie, “Out the Door” top coat. It has allowed me to wake up without blanket print nails.

Now run and go buy these.



Little Brown Dress. One size fits all.

15 Sep

When I began to see the ads for Essie fall collection I knew most had to be mine. But my absolute favorite was “Little Brown Dress”. I can tell already, even though I own several nail colours, this will be a staple, and most definitely a default color all fall and winter. If you are looking for a go to color (this will look nice on hands and toes in my opinion) look no further .

Seriously, you need it. Here are pics of it on.

                                       One coat

                Here it is in the daylight



Here are other ones in the brown family you can try