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My rx for distressed skin.

16 Sep

Over the past two weeks I think my skin was revolting. I have had eczema since birth, yet recently it decided to stalk my life and drive me insane. I was so itchy. My face? HOT MESS. Nothing really in the way of  breakouts, but crazy irritation. Itchy eyelids, and certain places on my face were extremely DRY. My face is usually really oily, so I knew there was trouble.

I don’t really remember a change in my diet nor switching my skincare to something I’d never tried. What I did do immediately is refrain from the use of retinols, glycolic acid, and anything thing else that exfoliates. Not sure if any of these caused the irritation, but I wasn’t taking any chances until my skin was back to normal.I also stopped using my spf 50, sometimes the ingredients of that make up sun protection can cause the skin to react, so I used a 25. I also didn’t pile as much as eye shadow on, if at all, until my eyes weren’t itchy and flaky. I only wore foundation when I was act events during NYFW, since I was on vacation, anything outside of that I was bare face. To remove my make up I used  Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes, they aren’t stripping, and actually sooth.To date I am not completely sure what caused my skin to act a fool, but I remedied it by doing the following.

I washed it am and pm using Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar. After patting it dry I used Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for sensitive skin. On my eye lids (at bed time) I used a tiny bit of  Windmill Super E 100% Vitamin E Oil 28 000 IU Liquid. It aided in healing, they were raw from scratching-YUCK! Vitamin E is awesome. Thats it! None of the serums, lotions or potions that I normally would apply were touched. Sometimes, you have to get back back to basics. It could have very well been hormonal or stress that caused my skin to freak out.

For the rest of my body I applied Eucerin Calming Daily Moisturizer Creme all over. Then applied a tiny amount of hydrocortisone  the extremely itchy areas. I don’t recommend using hydrocortisone on the face, unless you have been directed to, or if it is specifically for the face. Hydrocortisones contain steroids, and over time they thin the skin, although it would take a long time to do that, I wouldn’t suggest risking it on your mug.

Here are some common products you can keep on hand if you have sensitive skin, or if your skin hates you one day (like mine did).