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Eve Pearl "Diva" eye shadow palette swatches + pics

15 Dec

This palette one of the items I ordered during Eve Pearl’s recent promotion. I’ve wanted it for some time now, and have no clue why I waited so song. The pics on the website don’t do it justice, I needed to show you it swatched. Eve also has tons of videos where she uses it. Check out her youtube channel.

The colors are extremely rich, and I will be getting a back up for use in my kit.

Can’t wait to use this !


Eve Pearl 55 percent off ! check my recs (pics included)

25 Nov

One of my favorite brands  Eve Pearl is also participating in the black Friday madness! 55% off your purchase beginning black Friday (Midnight Thursday) and ends Monday.

I have used several  of Eve’s products, the foundation, blush trio and various lip products. The HD foundation is seamless and never cakey. I also like it because I am forever between shades, and it contains two colors. I can take my brush back and forth or stick to one side, the same idea for the amazing blush trio.

Here is a shot of me wearing the trusty dual HD foundation

don’t ask me why I wasn’t smiling lol

the blush trio any complexion can wear and is perfect for everyday, the salmon concealer? INFAMOUS!- trust.

Here is a HD foundation -in “dark”, my current one has hit pan, and you won’t be able to appreciate it seeing as though I have abused it thoroughly.

Compact is cute and even comes in this little pouch


ok ok now the deets of the promo…Just enter the code  BPCM2010 for 55% off your purchase, excluding kits (which are already at an amazing value).

Also mention my name or blog site in the comments!

THE Eve Pearl.

4 Dec

You may know her as the woman behind the beautiful faces on the Today show…She has even waved her wand and created a glam look for Susan Boyle.She is based out of New York city and travels frequently all over the world. I met her back in late July at her studio/boutique. One word to describe her? Humble. She came out to introduce herself,and was very “normal”-lol. And her staff was just as personable.If I had known that I would have introduced myself at the Make Up Show earlier this year.At any rate, she is celebrating the first anniversary of her boutique.Beginning December 4Th, at midnight, and until 11:59pm everything on will be 50% off with the promo code :BPF120409 On December 15, Eve will host an event in store only, all products 50% off. You can also get help with make up application. And trust, nothing about the boutique is intimidating.
I use the HD duak foundation in dark,salmon concealer in tan and the mattifying gel.Actually in my profile picture here on blogger, I’m wearing her foundation.
Here is a picture of Eve and I, and her Emmy! Excuse the sweat,it was a hot New York City day!
Check her out if you are in the New York City area.

Happy Shopping!