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Must be love: Gigantic scarves by Giles.

14 Dec

Three years later I am still waiting on a windfall so that I can splurge on these scarves by Giles. Do you remember the texture feature in the Vogue September 2007 issue of Vogue? Yeah. This runs deep folks. I even called myself trying to source yarn with a big enough ply locally so I could make it myself. I was basically laughed at.

Don’t you just want to snuggle up under one of these puppies? I can’t have the Giles, and can’t run the streets without protecting myself from being an italian icey so here are some options.


Frugal Fashionista : Stylish Vince Camuto shoes all under $100

6 Dec

Not sure about the rest of the country, but I am still very much pinching my pennies these days. In fact, after looking through my make up I have found 912381 products I rarely use and some even are still in their original packaging.FOR SHAME! I put myself on a make up no buy until January 5th. During the next month, I hope to be able to swatch and review the many products I have stashed in my apt. And furthermore save some cash! I haven’t really spent much money on clothing and shoes-which I actually do need, believe it or not.

I hope to also blog more about less expensive fashion and give you make up looks with drugstore products, like this one.

Anyway, I’m really digging footwear from Vince Camuto. He has some cute and stylish things and I managed to find several pairs for under $100. Check em’ out…let me know what you think. Do any of you own any of his shoes?


I can appreciate a good chunky sweater.

30 Nov

With temps in the 40’s its time to pull out the big guns. And since we can’t be caught dead in big sweatshirts and all that foolishness, here are some sweaters they are sure to warm your rib cages and my back fat.

These sweaters are by Twinkle, I can’t say enough good things about Twinkle. Although I am pissed I missed her appearance at Rockefeller Center a couple years back, where she did give tips and tricks on knitting. Speaking of which…did you know you can by her yarn and pattern books and make your own?

I have been able to snag a couple of Twinkle sweaters via a sample sale, they retail for $300+ and I copped for $50. If one ever pops up it would be to your advantage to grab a couple.

Here are a few sweaters I dig, however I am awaiting an huge inheritance before I can afford them.



What are some of your staple pieces for staying warm? I am going on record to say that I will retire in the south, I can’t be 60 living in this cold.


What I wore.Jive turkeys dig fair isle.

26 Nov

Hope everyone had a relaxing, fattening Thanksgiving. I went to Jersey where I pigged out at the Charter Club, with really nice views of NYC.

I didn’t get really fancy, and just wanted to look put together and presentable. I wore one of my favorite sweaters I got at Anthropologie a couple years ago. I realllyyyyy like fair isle sweaters, it sparks nostaligia. Doesn’t it make it remind you of your youth?

I wore my Levi’s and my oxfords with my old ass sweater.


We stopped in Times Square on our way to Jersey….

Now who is tearing down malls for gifts for Carm tomorrow?

Lanvin + H&M ….The Aftermath and the lipstick.

22 Nov

The date that was intially announced for the release of the collection initially landed on my day off….welp, when the pictures of the collection surfaced, It was in fact November 20th, and with my luck I had to work, at 8am, when many fashionistas were beginning to shop the racks. Via twitter the night before I saw people in NYC were lining up as early at mignight! I was snug as a bug in a rug.

That didn’t stop me from sauntering down Lexington ave at break time (ok, ok I powerwalked), to the 59th and Lex location. First glance? Well the doors on the 59th street side were locked.pshhhhh. I walked around to Lexington and walked in, no immediate fiasco. I saw the tote bag and grabbed that (it was $3.95 and proceeds go to UNICEF), proceeded upstairs…yesssss there were the goods off towards the back.

Small issue, you needed a wrist band to shop.Sigh. No biggie, I actually think it ws GENIUS. they had it color coded (i.e. if your band was green you shopped from 9:00am- 9:45am). H&M finally got a clue from the craziness of the Stella and other guest designer mob scenes.

I asked a nice girl there if they had any lipsticks, she walked over and grabbed one for me. And there you have it………My Lanvin “haul”… it’s red and I love it. From what I could see the dress hangers were chunky and cute and something I’d like in my closet (weird, I know) they had cute shopping bags. From what I heard the sizing went no larger than a 10. So I guess one more french fry and I wouldn’t be able to wear anything anyway- guess if you never met me you know my size now!lol (keep in mind for birthdays, Christmas, etc.)


my cat is nosey and also a label ho’


I realize my two items could fit into a small plastic bag, but I wanted this one. The satin handles were a nice touch.

and now for my lonely lipstick…

what’s not to love about this packaging? *deets on my nail polish will be up tomorrow*

and the tote

I should have grabbed a couple, there were only $3.95.

Were any of you amongst the masses on Saturday? Get anything good? Scream at me!


Current Obsession: Celine Boston bag

22 Nov

Effective immediately  I have added this to my list of wants   needs.  It is the perfect balance of functionality and style. Seeing as this won’t go over very well with Santa, I added it to my mounting list of things for next years birthday ( I will be a woman of a certain age) .

Check it in action:

 The bag could literally fit all your daily things, and  change of shoes (sometimes very necessary when schlepping through the city)

It would definitely be a “investment piece”, have you all come across any nice handbags as of late?

the one on the far left has my heart….


I can appreciate a good Little Black Dress.

19 Nov

It’s that time of the year when holiday parties are going on, and amidst the chaos of holiday shopping makeing sure you are a stand out at said parties, while still keeping it classy is what the people want. What better than a LBD? Black looks good on everyone and for me, it someone hides my kangaroo pouch I have going on.Accessories and shoes are usually easy to pair with it and you can really go with whatever strikes your fancy for make up; high drama or  something minimal (depending on your audience/occassion,etc).

Here are some LBD’s I have fallen in love with as of late.




Partner it with a no fuss clutch or a minaudiere and BAM!


My make believe shopping spree.Bloomingdales friends and fam is here!

8 Nov

The influx of friends and family events amongst retailers is indicative that Christmas will be here like tomorrow! One of my favorite retailers, Bloomingdale’s, began their friends and family event today. Using the code FBOOK you can receive 20% off your purchase, some exclusions apply.Sale ends this Sunday, November 14,2010. To receive the discount in store you must have a shopping pass.If money was no object, here are some things I’d snatch up. Notice, there aren’t any cosmetics included, those, are in fact one of the exclusions 😦


What’s on your wish list?*Note* all items pictured can be found at or in store.

Lanvin for H&M pictures and price ranges

3 Nov

I’m going to go on record and say that this thee best designer collection thus far for H&M.

The collection boasts badass LBDs, accessories, tailored jackets, and SHOES. OH MY.

                                                 Images Source

 I am sure every NYC store will be a total mob scene the day of the release (November 20th). What pieces are you diggng so far? There are like 5 things  want, alas my wallet says different……..the joys of being an adult.

Here are price ranges:

 Cartoon T’s – $40-$50

Jackets and coats – $100-$200 (there is one coat for $350)

Dresses and skirts – $150-$200 (most are $150)

Pumps – $100 Clutch – $40 Necklaces and bracelets – $50 and under

Tights, sunglasses, and a Lanvin lipstick all priced under $50.


Bergdorfs + Women’s Wear Daily 100 years, 100 designers.

29 Oct

On Monday when I got off work I decided to stroll around near the job and managed to venture down 5th avenue. Stopped at 58th and 5th and never does this intersection disappoint.I have apparently been under a rock, because didn’t realize Womens Wear Daily celebrated 100 years in print this year! Amazing, especially since these days publications and editorials fold like a house of cards.

A couple weeks ago Bergdorf’s held a swanky party in celebration of  WWD: 100 Years, 100 Designers  book. Of course the likes of Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, were in the building. Sigh, I wasn’t invited.

This book is now on my Christmas list, seeing as though I already envision it on a coffee table in my space. Man, I love Bergdorf’s windows! But get a load of the pics I managed to snap of the windows. They include pages of the book and some brilliant styling.

 Have a look.

               OH. EM.GEE.

See my boy, Jason Wu in the background? He doesn’t know it but we are BFF’s and will meet for pumpkin spice lattes soon.

My face is still pressed against the glass…………..