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What bloggers pack for overnight trips + pictures from the weekend!

12 Oct

So this past Sunday me and my homie Danielle ventured to upstate Connecticut. Back in August we went to the Jones Magazine event, her name was rawn and she won tickets to see Mary J. Blige! So she decided to take me! It was great cause I feel like I never win anything,lol! They provided us with hotel stay at the MGM Grand Foxwoods, where the show was also. Perfect because we didn’t have to leave the telly until it was check out time. I thought I’d share with you guys what are vanity in el bano looked like. A glimpse at some of the things we both decided to pack. After looking, I realized how ridiculous I am. I mean, I didn’t even use half of this stuff, but don’t you hate getting some where and saying “I wish I would have packed *insert 21681925 products names here* .”

So here is the mess we made in the bathroom.

Some my favorites of the doggone mess I brought  are here:


oh and one more…we are such product junkies. smh.


and here are a couple pics from the concert

Please tell me that we are not the only ones that go ham when its time to pack? Hope you all had a great weekend!