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Review: New from L’Oreal! Voluminous Million Lashes mascara

8 Nov

I finally got around to snapping some pictures of the most recent mascara I have tried. L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Black , is the latest from L’Oreal. At first sight I reallllyyyyyy liked the gold packaging. For people that could care less about packaging I am sure you’re laughing about me liking a gold tube,lol. My first thoughts about the mascara after opening the package can be summed as  “A Dior Clone!”. The smell (don’t ask why I sniffed it) reminded me of the all of the Diorshow mascaras, which has a distinct rose scent. The brush reminded me of the wand of  Dior ‘Diorshow’ Iconic Mascara , its the mascara out of their entourage that (for me) curls and defines the best.

Anywho. here is a pic of my bare lashes.

                                one coat

       two coats

 pretty gold tube 😉


What L’Oreal claims:

This luxurious,buildable formula amplifies each lash instantly. Glides on smoothly, and lasts all day, while thickening and separating every lash for a clump-free, flake free, smudge-free look.


Overall, I like the brush, it is easy to handle and I feel like I can get to all my lashes. However, I feel the product calls out its main feature as “voluminous”. I didn’t exactly feel like it fattened my lashes. It’s not terrible, it did lengthen, and wasn’t clumpy, but didn’t hold up to the volume claim. At least for me it didn’t. I paid about $7 with a coupon. If you can get it on sale I’d say give it a shot. Otherwise hold off, I still think L’Oreal does a great job with mascaras.

Have any of you kittens tried this yet?


Nars "Crazed" $5 dupe……or maybe not

4 Nov

Sauntering through super Walmart last week I noticed a really awesome blush by  Black Radiance……..I thought it was a very nice color, debated putting it in my cart, and then it came to me! OMG- this looks just like Nars “crazed” ! So I put it in my cart, thinking one small step for mankind- I can tell my readers that I have found a $5 alternative. Then I walked off to get my $6 rotisserie chicken.

Welp. I got home all ready to swatch, and well,see for yourself.

Pretty close, no? ok here is a swatch….

Insert deep sigh. So yeah, not hardly an exact dupe for “Crazed”. I will still continue my quest for hard to find dupes and cheap stuff, mmkay? Sue me. BUT you gotta admit this is a nice ass color and great pay off for $5. Go and buy and and a few other colors. Tell em Carm sent ya.


Aston.Martin.Music.Chrisette Michele’s look and my take on it.

20 Oct

This woman can practically do no wrong with her looks in my opinion. She can rock any hair style, and I have yet to see her make up look bad. So after watching Rick Ross’s video she may need to get a restraining order for me. Have a look, I couldn’t find actual images so I did screen shots of the video.

How in the hell can you go wrong with a red lip, minimal eye shadow, heavy black liner, lashes and tons of mascara? You can’t. She is killing it! And the hair? I may go chop mine off again this very second.

LOVE LOVE LOVE her look. I also dig how she is curvy and still looks like a million bucks, no body parts ready to jump out and grab ya.

Here is how I would recreate a smiliar look for myself. Of course I’d slather on cellulite cream first, duh!

and the make up… by the way the Nars matte lipsticks last ALL day folks. Get you one or three.


Here is the video, in case you haven’t watched yet.


Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III …..Swatches+Pics+My thoughts

15 Oct

Sheesh! Urban Decay isn’t back in stock full of the sought after Naked palette and now here we have the Urban Decay Cosmetics Book Of Shadows Vol. Iii Urban Decay Loves New York. For the past couple of years. Urban Decay has released these puppies around holiday time. Each one has shadows exclusive to the book, and always with oldies but goodies. I’m really diggin’ Urban Decay and because I have a love affair with New Yawk City, I had no choice but to cop it. So let me give you the deets on this bad boy, pictures and all that good stuff. So of course it is limited edition…….

If you are having thoughts about purchasing, I’d say get it now (already sold out currently at, you can always return if you decide against it. It includes 16 shadows, 2 of their awesome 24/7 glide on pencils, and as always, a mini primer potion (a cult fave-btw). So let me cut the chit chat and get to the doggone pictures

wait………….turn off the lights!

and now for swatches… 🙂




I’m soooooooooooooooo happy with my purchase.  :p

Going try looks with it over the next few days. Have any of you ladies purchased this yet? Are we excited about the rest of holiday?

Sephora Friends and Fam…eye and cheek products to add to the list.

14 Oct

As promised I am back to give you my recommendations for make up. In my attempt to not muddy the waters, I will do a couple more posts…This one is about eyes and cheeks. Here’s the thing….Basically with this it is almost silly to not buy one of whatever you buy for someone else… So get your lists ready, and let me know if you have questions or would like my humble opinion. Read my skin recs here.

Palettes I dig….


And because my obsession with blush runs deep…..



That Nars multiple? MINE. I need it.

Stay tuned for more recs… don’t forget the F&F starts October 21. Code is FF2010 for 20% off your entire purchase.

What bloggers pack for overnight trips + pictures from the weekend!

12 Oct

So this past Sunday me and my homie Danielle ventured to upstate Connecticut. Back in August we went to the Jones Magazine event, her name was rawn and she won tickets to see Mary J. Blige! So she decided to take me! It was great cause I feel like I never win anything,lol! They provided us with hotel stay at the MGM Grand Foxwoods, where the show was also. Perfect because we didn’t have to leave the telly until it was check out time. I thought I’d share with you guys what are vanity in el bano looked like. A glimpse at some of the things we both decided to pack. After looking, I realized how ridiculous I am. I mean, I didn’t even use half of this stuff, but don’t you hate getting some where and saying “I wish I would have packed *insert 21681925 products names here* .”

So here is the mess we made in the bathroom.

Some my favorites of the doggone mess I brought  are here:


oh and one more…we are such product junkies. smh.


and here are a couple pics from the concert

Please tell me that we are not the only ones that go ham when its time to pack? Hope you all had a great weekend!



Complexion Chronicles: Maybelline Smooth Mousse

11 Oct

Back again with another foundation review! This one is a fairly new, at least in my neck of the woods. I have had pretty good luck with Maybelline foundations so I thought I’d give this one a whirl.

Let me give you the long and short of it. This newest addition to the Maybelline family is a cross between the liquid mousse and  the dream matte mousse. Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation has a very creamy texture .  The application is very simple. The container/compact includes a sponge, but I found it best to use a short goat haired brush to buff it on. It gave me full coverage, and I didn’t have to go back to cover my dark spots with a concealer. Here are a couple of things for you to remember ; if you have oily skin (like me) this foundation should not be worn during hot/humid times. Take time to really buff it on, otherwise,I found once I check it in the sun light it shows every doggone brush stroke. Because of that I would not use the sponge  that comes in the compact. That could be a recipe for a disastrous application.

One thing about the packaging that I found a wee bit annoying is that you screw the lid (which also functions as a mirror and sponge holder) off and on, versus flipping the top up to get  to the foundation. Another caveat is I wear shade 350. Which is the darkest shade. Like, are they serious? I am not the darkest woman of color, shame on you Maybelline!

The verdict? I am going to put it away for now and maybe revisit when there is zero humidity in the air. I don’t feel too bad, I had a coupon and it was on sale for $6.

Here are pics of me wearing the foundation.


Of course I use my handy dandy  Urban Decay Naked Palette on my eyes. Here is a close up:


They got it for cheap! Rimmel Mascara haulage!

8 Oct

Don’t know whats with me, looking at my Sunday ads after the week is almost done. Lucky for me, I took advantage of my day off and perused some. Good thing because Rimmel is 50% off at Walgreens! I have never really cared for the eye shadow palettes, but singles are tempting (My Walgreens had no stock of them), and the foundations don’t come dark enough for me. However, it is no secret, Rimmels masacara can hold its own next to many departtment store mascaras.If you can get to Walgreens get there by Saturday night! I really want to try some of their liners so I guess I will be heading back before the sale ends.

Here is what I got:

Have you tried any Rimmel products? Is there anything I should grab before the sale ends?

Here are some things worthy of your cash.


Framework: Carm’s brows + pics and tips

8 Oct

Brows, I would say, are the single most important feature on the face. I would venture to say they are more important than eyes and lips. I went to get my brows done and decided to share with you all my take on them. As far as finding the perfect person to take care of yor brows here are a few things to consider. First, you want to make sure they place is clean and has the highest standards for sanitary work areas. Next, make sure the person listens to you, values your opinion and understands what you are trying to achieve with your brows. If they seem to have their own agenda, and/or in a rush, run like hell to get out of there. Make up you can wash off, brows take time to grow back in, if you hate them.

Here are my brows before the waxing. Yes I was looking shiny and busted. I was off up work and did nothing all day.

I normally never let them get this bad, however, some bozo jacked up my shape the last time. But my brow lady is back, so we shall proceed.

In between waxing and/or threading I recommed keeping them groomed with a couple of my faves. This way you never look like teenwolf. Never pluck when you are bored or in terrible lighting. Chances are you will end up lookng like you are always saying, “ha?”. yeah. The suprised look that people with no brows tend to have before they put their brows on.


The cost of these tweezers are worth every dime. I have had mine for 2+ years and they are good as new. Here are my brows after.

awwwwww! feels so good to have fresh brows.

Now, it doesn’t stop there. At the beginning of my brows the hair is a bit sparse. This where you can fill them in with a pencil or powder. I would lightly fill the rest in and then set it with a gel or wax. Here are some of my favorites for brow grooming. 

 Here is a small tutorial for getting a great shape. You should always use your nose as a guide. The lines from my nose show where your borw should start, arch and end.

Hope this post helps someone! Excuse that dumb look on my face. 🙂



7 Oct

If you ever wanted to try Bare Escentuals, or use the products, here is your chance to get a glimpse, or perhaps meet the founder, Leslie Blodgett. If you are in NYC area, swing by Bloomingdales and get in on the action. Here are the details: