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Review: New from L’Oreal! Voluminous Million Lashes mascara

8 Nov

I finally got around to snapping some pictures of the most recent mascara I have tried. L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Black , is the latest from L’Oreal. At first sight I reallllyyyyyy liked the gold packaging. For people that could care less about packaging I am sure you’re laughing about me liking a gold tube,lol. My first thoughts about the mascara after opening the package can be summed as  “A Dior Clone!”. The smell (don’t ask why I sniffed it) reminded me of the all of the Diorshow mascaras, which has a distinct rose scent. The brush reminded me of the wand of  Dior ‘Diorshow’ Iconic Mascara , its the mascara out of their entourage that (for me) curls and defines the best.

Anywho. here is a pic of my bare lashes.

                                one coat

       two coats

 pretty gold tube 😉


What L’Oreal claims:

This luxurious,buildable formula amplifies each lash instantly. Glides on smoothly, and lasts all day, while thickening and separating every lash for a clump-free, flake free, smudge-free look.


Overall, I like the brush, it is easy to handle and I feel like I can get to all my lashes. However, I feel the product calls out its main feature as “voluminous”. I didn’t exactly feel like it fattened my lashes. It’s not terrible, it did lengthen, and wasn’t clumpy, but didn’t hold up to the volume claim. At least for me it didn’t. I paid about $7 with a coupon. If you can get it on sale I’d say give it a shot. Otherwise hold off, I still think L’Oreal does a great job with mascaras.

Have any of you kittens tried this yet?



They got it for cheap! Rimmel Mascara haulage!

8 Oct

Don’t know whats with me, looking at my Sunday ads after the week is almost done. Lucky for me, I took advantage of my day off and perused some. Good thing because Rimmel is 50% off at Walgreens! I have never really cared for the eye shadow palettes, but singles are tempting (My Walgreens had no stock of them), and the foundations don’t come dark enough for me. However, it is no secret, Rimmels masacara can hold its own next to many departtment store mascaras.If you can get to Walgreens get there by Saturday night! I really want to try some of their liners so I guess I will be heading back before the sale ends.

Here is what I got:

Have you tried any Rimmel products? Is there anything I should grab before the sale ends?

Here are some things worthy of your cash.


Review: Loreal Voluminous Mascara+pics

7 Sep

I spent a few hours at the beach on Monday. It was a pretty easy breezy day. I was sans make up, but decided last minute maybe I should throw on mascara to open up my puff mama eyes. So here is a review , of what I used…see I am redeeming myself, no?  I bring to you; Loreal Voluminous mascara in “carbon black”


One coat……….. guys please bear with, I am figuring out my new camera and its many settings.

two coats.

Ok kids, I am in love. It is waterproof, by chance if yours truly would’ve jumped into ocean, I reckon my lashes would have survived. It held up my curl, and gave me great seperation.The brush wasn’t too big, something that could drive me nuts. And it really is CARBON black, just how I like it.

Here is the only caveat…getting this puppy off. It is waterproof, so the wax content is alot higher than regular mascara. To prevent you working too hard to remove the mascara, and potentially losing lashes use something OIL BASED.

Check my recs for products I have tried to get off waterproof eye make up.



And finally………..Dear Summer, I know you’re going to miss me.

Review: Maybelline Falsies Mascara +pics

30 Aug

I had a revelation, and realized that I am not doing so well with living up to my blog title. I would like a chance to redeem myself, as I look back it looks like I have only blogged 2 mascaras.

I’m on it folks. I have tried countless mascaras and must do my duty to bring it to you. So here goes my latest obsession, Maybelline Volume Express Falsies Collection. So can I just say I love it! Its cheap, yet gives me volume and length.

Before Mascara

               one coat

              two coats

I love that the brush has a tiny curve to it, yet small enough to grab all my lashes without poking out my eyeballs.

YSL does it again

18 Jul


So last year I raved about Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical at Yves Saint Laurent . I recently tried, their latest addition,  MASCARA SINGULIER . The biggest difference I thought initially was the brush. It is not as full as the Faux cils and allows for you grab more lashes, even tiny ones. It’s an excellent mascara, however I like the formula of the orginal one.

Basically I need the old formula and the new brush. I still think it’s worth a shot. YSL in my opinion does an amazing job with cosmetics. I got great results by also using a drugstore mascara first, then going on top with the YSL. Lash layering gives va-voom! Try it out!

Faux Love

4 Jul

I admit, I have an obsession with mascara. I have tried more than the law should allow. Some are exceptional, and many are just ok. But this one that I have been using recently is magnificent. Let me first say that if a mascara can last on me at least 5 hours, it has my vote (my face/eyes are EXTREMELY oily.)

Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils is the most luxurious mascara I have tried yet.It is nice and creamy,it lengthens, curls and gives volume.This the non waterproof, which means it does not need an atomic bomb to take it off.But at the same time it lasts almost a whole shift at work, which is often very warm and I’m under a lot of light.
This mascara also comes in various colors, from burgundy to green. Yet all these colors still remain sophisticated, no teenie bopper looks with YSL.

Run don’t walk for this one.


Something like a PHENOMENON.

25 Oct

Frankly, I’m not dressed until I have on make up. In fact, I’m not fully “made up” until I’m donned in mascara. I have nearly tried them all. I managed to snag Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes in Boston awhile ago (was sold out every where in Connecticut)it is the “Cadillac” of mascara.Carbon black (the blackest mascara), lengthens, curls, and basically is the best thing going.
Look at you! I can see you all shaking in your uggs at the sight of the brush. Don’t be afraid.Creative Director at Givenchy, Nicolas, spent countless hours cutting mascara wands.He cut them in half, so that when applying your mascara you would touch every lash. Hunny bunnies, if I had thought of that! It literally gives you panoramic lashes. The mascara is so black, that once you have gotten the application down, your eyes look tight lined! I, for one, can’t get the pencil that close to the rim of my eyes to even try to tight line. My lashes look nearly fake! And at press time (lol) it is now available in the tri-state area. So I’m sure where ever you are in the world you can swoon in!