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Miss Jessies BOGO sale announced!Product Reviews +My recs!

22 Nov

AT LAST! it has been announced! The once a year promo, Miss Jessies buy one get one free event! This is when I really stock up!


Here are some links to reviews I have done in the past!

Baby buttercreme and the Rapid Recovery Treatment


Silk Stretch Silkening cream

Read a post I did some time ago about the Miss Jessies sisters, “Hair Envy” .

My hair cut earlier this year, where my stylist used all Miss Jessies products to style my hair.

Here are definites that I will be getting from the promo…and that will be two of everything, I use the products that much. I’m sure some other products will end up in my bag along the way.

What is on your list?



Product Rave! Miss Jessies Buttercreme.. End your dry hair sorrows!

16 Nov

Hiya! I try to post once a day, however we are in full swing of holiday at work and it’s getting tres hectic. I thought I would try and get some reviews of some products that I know will have crazy promos for holidays, and hopefully these reviews will aid in you not draining your checking account.

I have been using Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme  for a few years now. I started a few years ago during my transition. To this very day it is one of my go to products for moisture. The only caveat is the expense. Lucky for me, usually right around Thanksgiving, Miss Jessies does a buy one get one free event, that goes through December. I stock up, and have product to last me through the entire year.

Most retialers participate and the sale is on their website. Here are some other products I used and I highly recommend; Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Cream , Miss Jessie’s Creme De La Creme Conditioning Cream , and Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls .

Have any of you tried Miss Jessies?

How to SHINGLE!!!

1 Mar

No… not roof work. lol. Here is a brief but very good tutorial on how to shingle, I mentioned in the two proceeding posts. Don’t be discourage by her hair. My hair type is clearly kinkier and has a tighter curl pattern than the lady in the video. You can still make it work..Also it appears that product just sits on your hair afterwards…It does eventually absorb and dry.. Enjoy!!!!

Carmen gets a HAIR CUT!!!

26 Feb
So as some of you may know….last Saturday I got a much needed hair cut!! I had a trim of not even a centimeter in summer 2008, and not a real hair cut in 3 years!!! sheesh! My hair was very big (the bigger the better for me), and thick, but as you can imagine, my ends were a mess, and we it needed shape, BADLY.

 I went in on Saturday where the owner and stylist, Paulette, of Authentic Salon went to work on my mane. She first shampooed and then applied a conditioner. From there I sat under the steamer for about 20 minutes.After rinsing she blew my hair dry, so that she could acurately cut. After cutting she re-wet my hair to return it to to the naturally curly, kinky state. she then styled it as I described in my previous blog post.

Many of my friends were worried that I was going to have a lot of hair cut… You can tell by the pics it wasnt that much, and that it was definitely needed….I will go back regulary to prevent having to cut so much at one time.
After my hair was re-wet..She began to comb through or “shingle” using

Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Cream

amazing how water changes things ha? You would think I cut 8 inches!!!!
Hope you all enjoyed my pictures…let me know what you think and if you have questions about natural hair care…

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Product Review! Miss Jessies Stretch Silkening Creme

24 Feb

I bought this product back in December…It is still in the bag. That is until the next time I style my hair. Today I went to the salon for a long, past overdue cut, deep condition and style. I will be doing a post regarding my experience in the next couple of days…stay tuned for that.

So let me get to the review. My stylist took my hair section by section apply the product and combed it through with a small tooth comb (don’t worry,it was already detangled)…The result, beautifully defined curls, very tame and frizz free, I believe the process is called shingling. As it dried my hair was a little harder than I’m use too, but that is the good part. Throught the afternoon my hair stretched more (naturals experience crazy shrinkage) and overall looked better with time.
Directions from Miss Jessies:

Apply product while hair is soaking wet for full coverage based on your length and density. Do not rinse out. Air dry or dry under an overhead dryer. For maximum stretch silkening: After curls are fully dried grab a section and stretch downward for tension. Using a blowdryer with a nozzle attachment blast heat from root to midshaft. This will further stretch those kinks to curls. Enjoy!

I’m sure tomorrow will be better! Also I didn’t sit under the dryer,I let mine air dry. After the steam from the shower softens it more I’m sure I will fall in love with again.

Also I wasn’t able to post this do to my internet woes, however, I haven’t washed my hair since typing this, everyday I have re-wet my hair, applied Baby Buttercreme and then a tiny bit of Quick curls and voila!!! Curly hair don’t care!


Hair Envy

18 Dec

I just wanted to share some pictures of natural hair that I love…Their make up looks nice also 😉 These pictures are credited to Miss Jessies, these woman have beautiful heads of hair and style! Their salon is located in Brooklyn,NY.The  annual buy one get one free is alive and well until 12.31.09. I personally use the baby buttercreme,quick curls and creme de la creme. I have tried the curly pudding and the curly meringue.But over time I just stick with what works best for my hair.

Please note that none of these products can chemically alter your hair.They can not “make’ your hair curly, wavy and change the texture.Tito (head stylist and Co founder) does offer a service called, a “silkener”. I have not personally experienced this, but from pictures it looks like many people love it.Read more about it here


P.S. Click the label to see a previous review of Miss Jessies

NEVER pay full price.

23 Nov

Yes, this is a motto of New York City’s real estate mogul,Donald Trump. And because money doesn’t grow on trees, I would have to agree with the Donald. Except, we all know he won’t partake in this bargain bonanza.My beloved Miss Jessies has begun their once yearly BOGO sale. I have to level with you all, it is the ONLY time I buy their products.Ok, there times when new things hit the shelves, and I dash to Ricky’s NYC for my fix. At any rate, I love their products, and this promo, makes them justifiable.

Happy Shopping!


Curly Hair Don’t Care.

24 Aug

Actually mines does.So today after working for a few hours I finally ventured back into the Dominican salon. Yes they are open 7 days a week. But this time it was not for one their infamous blow outs (the thought of that heat makes me cringe!).

I was in desperate need of a trim ( my hair has not been cut since last spring-yikes) and why not a deep condition. I may have scared the poor woman, as they looked at my tight curls and coils, assuming I wanted a blow out. She proceeded to shampoo my hair, and then began detangling. So just to back to peddle, if I don’t wash my hair at least every two days, it’s a rats nest.After the detangling session I received a deep conditioning, and then the much needed trim. Success. My hair looked and felt like fluffy cotton. I didn’t even realize that it had gotten so long, or in ‘fro terms: BIG.

Let me make a beeline to the point. Now that my hair is natural, it CRAVES moisture, so much that I often “baggy” it in the winter (I will cover this at a later time). I went home to my stash of hair products, and pulled out old faithful.
Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme Love this stuff. It moisturizes without being to greasy, and the smell is HEAVENLY. I plan to use the Restorative Treatment mid week. I have been using Miss Jessies products since transitioning from a relaxer, and the products continue to be a fixture in my bathroom.There were rumors that the two sisters had a falling out,then infamous Curve Salon closed down. However as of August 9th they are back in business. It makes me warm and fuzzy! In a few more months I hope to get my hair cut there, where they will use the “angle- balance” method. If you are ever in Brooklyn, definitely look them up!

Yours in curls,