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My Cherie Amour…

3 Dec

Thank God it’s Friday…. This is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs. Stuff like this reminds me that good music and great performances are almost of thing of the past. Back on Monday with some new posts and goodies.

Enjoy, CB.


Every little step………

22 Oct

I couldn’t be happier it’s Friday……By the time you read this I will be at work. Enjoy Bob pre-crack. 🙂


Aston.Martin.Music.Chrisette Michele’s look and my take on it.

20 Oct

This woman can practically do no wrong with her looks in my opinion. She can rock any hair style, and I have yet to see her make up look bad. So after watching Rick Ross’s video she may need to get a restraining order for me. Have a look, I couldn’t find actual images so I did screen shots of the video.

How in the hell can you go wrong with a red lip, minimal eye shadow, heavy black liner, lashes and tons of mascara? You can’t. She is killing it! And the hair? I may go chop mine off again this very second.

LOVE LOVE LOVE her look. I also dig how she is curvy and still looks like a million bucks, no body parts ready to jump out and grab ya.

Here is how I would recreate a smiliar look for myself. Of course I’d slather on cellulite cream first, duh!

and the make up… by the way the Nars matte lipsticks last ALL day folks. Get you one or three.


Here is the video, in case you haven’t watched yet.


Dial My Heart…..

24 Sep

So glad it’s Friday…..Have a great weekend yall. Back next week, with some make up looks, another pair of shoes I NEED for fall and other fun stuff…

At the playground, ya know?

17 Sep

Although I’ve only been back to work for two days I am already BEAT. I had like 3 reviews and such to post, etc etc etc. I haven’t even uploaded the pics. excuse me for being a bad So I youtubed this vid, and it reminded me of my youth, I had no real cares in the world. No bills and no real responsibilities.I will be back next week to our regularly scheduled program, with all types of good stuff for you all.Thanks so much reading my blog..If you dig it , hit “like” on my facebook page.  Enjoy, and TGIF!

Other side of the game.

13 Jun

This video some how lifted my melancholy mood some. I love Erykah.  This video is a great portrayal of black love for the most part.R & B aint the same these days! Enjoy.

Throwback Friday!

2 Apr

The weekend is here! Hope everyone has a great holiday. Don’t boil your eggs too long and wear really pastel(y) nails and make up! Soul II Soul was dope right?

Throwback Friday!!!!!!

26 Mar

Kissing game……. Oh how I miss the 90’s. TGIF!!!I am off work until Monday. 🙂 My twin and I celebrate our birthday on Saturday!

Throwback Friday!!

19 Mar

I loved this song. Be great today… enjoy your weekends 🙂

Throw back Friday!!!

12 Mar

Remember this song!! Tevin Cambell, where art thou? And how can we forget the mastermind behind it all, Quincy Jones! This song is so postive and makes me smile! Happy Friday!