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Nars and its Bad Influence.

16 Dec

Yeah, a bad influence on my checking account.


Check it. Nail Lacquer it “Bad Influence”

Something about it reminds me of a couple coveted Chanel nail colors….Since we are less than two weeks for Christmas here is my suggestion should you want to stuff some Nars into a stocking.


While you’re at it can you pick one up for me? I am now addicted to their lacquers. Thanks 🙂

"Heartbreaker" nail laquer by Ginger + Liz

13 Dec

Here is another polish I have by Ginger and Liz. Loves it!

Don’t forget about their promo on Tuesday!  use the code “POLISHED” to receive 40% off your order. I definitely have a few more color colors on my wish list 🙂


Happy Shopping!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


Meet Shawn.

2 Dec

My new love from Zoya. Beyond perfect shade of green.


Hold the Drama, per Ginger and Liz.

23 Nov

 I ordered this color some time ago, and I realized last night I have not shared it with you guys! Actually it’s timely, because Ginger + Liz will be doing a promo soon. On December 14th they will have 40% off their nail colors. I am telling you right now, stock up! The colors are amazing, streak free, and very smooth.

Here are my paws with “Hold the Drama”



Hunter Hands.

3 Nov

I grabbed this at American Apparel a few weeks ago and finally put it to good use. I’ve never tried ths shade of green, and  dig it!


It is a really rich shade of hunter green. Amercan Apparel polishes are $6, very recession proof!

Meet Kelly.

25 Oct

Sharing what I wore on my paws this past week, Kelly by Zoya- part of the Wonderful collection…. I haven’t really dabbled in Zoya, but after this I think it will be safe to say I need to add more my nail color collection. The the formula is smooth, and at least with this color, zero streaks. The color is a blue grey and I actually got full color with just one coat (pictured is after two coats). Have a look…

 and they’re only $7! definitely reccession proof!

Have any of you guys tried Zoya? What are your favorites?


Berry.A nail laquer from American Apparel you need.

13 Oct

Before scooting to Foxwoods me and Danielle went for manicures. I opted for one of my trusty faves from American Apparel. I think it suits my skin tone, but I can’t see it looking bad on anyone.

Some other berries that are ripe for the pickin’


New Money. Ginger+Liz nail laquer.

4 Oct

If you recall on my Fashion’s Night Out recap, I grabbed 2 nail polishes from Bendel’s. Both being Ginger+Liz. Well I finally got around to using one of them! The color was an instant mood lifter! Its like a blue green, a little bit more vibrant than OPI’s “Jade is the new black” -I think that is the mane of the color…

The formula is smooth and I love the brush. No streaks at all!

Little Brown Dress. One size fits all.

15 Sep

When I began to see the ads for Essie fall collection I knew most had to be mine. But my absolute favorite was “Little Brown Dress”. I can tell already, even though I own several nail colours, this will be a staple, and most definitely a default color all fall and winter. If you are looking for a go to color (this will look nice on hands and toes in my opinion) look no further .

Seriously, you need it. Here are pics of it on.

                                       One coat

                Here it is in the daylight



Here are other ones in the brown family you can try



11 Aug

Here is my choice of nail color I chose for this past weekend. I’m obsessed with purple in any shade for the most part.I don’t wear it so much in my attire, so as to not be mistaken for Barney-you skinny girls can pull it off.

OPI Rumples Wiggin, from the Shrek collection.

OPI is no longer sold (authentically) on the web. Here are some other lavendars/purples I’m diggin as of late