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Spring is in the air!

18 Jul

I was really feeling a mint green polish, but since I cant find it, this will have to do. I should give it more credit. I actually really like this soft pink color by Essie. Its called “Innocent”. You know, kind of like me. What’s everyone into today? I’m here in Baltimore visiting one of my bffs. Going to try and catch some fresh air and grab a bite to eat on the harbor. We are also going to Oyin…say hello if you all see me there 🙂


Carm’s got the blues!!!

18 Mar

To be honest, I never really gave blue nail polish any play. While shopping at American Apparel this jumped out at me- along with 2 other colors 🙂 It is called Mount Royal. I LOVE it, and Ididn’t feel cheesy wearing blue nail polish. Next time you are around an American Apparel store I highly reccommend taking a look!

Nail Polish

$6.00 at American Apparel