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New from Tarina Tarantino! HyperNova Nail Laquer.

16 Aug

When I saw it, it HAD to be mine. Don’t care if it is technically still “summer”.  I LOVE this color and needed to slap it on my hands pronto. Actually the new liners, and eye palette from Tarina all are crying for your attention. I’d definitely check it out folks!

TARINA TARANTINO Supernova Nail Lacquer

What it is: An array of metallic shades to create a brilliantly modern manicure. What it does: This fast-drying formula is designed to lavish your nails in hypnotizing color, in just one-to-two coats. Try Tarina’s stunning hues: Empire (peacock), Starchild (silver), and Meteor Night (dark blue). What else you need to know: This formula is free of toluene and formaldehyde.

Here are pics of it on my paws! 🙂 I am in LOVE. I could have easily gotten away with one coat. It went on smooth and no streaks. I could easily compare it to CHANEL Le Vernis – Nail Colour . Except without the $23 price tag. So far Tarina has 3 shades of her nail laquer. I beg of thee to go check them out.

P.S. they are cleaned up I was a little excited and snapped pics anyway.




11 Aug

Here is my choice of nail color I chose for this past weekend. I’m obsessed with purple in any shade for the most part.I don’t wear it so much in my attire, so as to not be mistaken for Barney-you skinny girls can pull it off.

OPI Rumples Wiggin, from the Shrek collection.

OPI is no longer sold (authentically) on the web. Here are some other lavendars/purples I’m diggin as of late


Malibu Green.

24 Jul

I’m attempting this whole green, blue nail color thing. I have really fat fingers and many hues of green and blue make my hands look fatter and just don’t look nice in general. I snapped this Malibu Green on my last trip to American Apparel. Here is a pick in my apartment as well as outside in daylight. I kinda like it! Its smooth and really I could’ve gotten away with one coast. It looks rough because I fell asleep last night right after I did them last night, so you can see prints from my Put another clear coat on this am, it smoothed it out and welp, I feel asleep again. oh well!


Here is the American Apparel Malibu Green, and others that could maybe work for me. What greens, and blues are you ladies loving these days?