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Nars and its Bad Influence.

16 Dec

Yeah, a bad influence on my checking account.


Check it. Nail Lacquer it “Bad Influence”

Something about it reminds me of a couple coveted Chanel nail colors….Since we are less than two weeks for Christmas here is my suggestion should you want to stuff some Nars into a stocking.


While you’re at it can you pick one up for me? I am now addicted to their lacquers. Thanks 🙂

Nars "Crazed" $5 dupe……or maybe not

4 Nov

Sauntering through super Walmart last week I noticed a really awesome blush by  Black Radiance……..I thought it was a very nice color, debated putting it in my cart, and then it came to me! OMG- this looks just like Nars “crazed” ! So I put it in my cart, thinking one small step for mankind- I can tell my readers that I have found a $5 alternative. Then I walked off to get my $6 rotisserie chicken.

Welp. I got home all ready to swatch, and well,see for yourself.

Pretty close, no? ok here is a swatch….

Insert deep sigh. So yeah, not hardly an exact dupe for “Crazed”. I will still continue my quest for hard to find dupes and cheap stuff, mmkay? Sue me. BUT you gotta admit this is a nice ass color and great pay off for $5. Go and buy and and a few other colors. Tell em Carm sent ya.


Orgasm. In a tube.

29 Jan
Francois does it again. You can’t mention Nars without knowing about Orgasm. After all it isprobably the best selling blush blush,EVER. It started out as a powder blush. The shade was so perfect for all skin tones that it now is available in a nail polish,lipgloss, and the multiple (cream stick).
Lucky for us it is now  in a liquid!!!! Imagine taking the perfect shade of blush and turning it into an illuminator.. The texture is amazing. You can use it as a high lighter, or mix with your foundation/tinted moisturizer for an all over glow.It is not overly shimmery and still maintains its versatility for any hue.Take a peek at it the next time you’re in Sephora.