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Nicki Minaj Pink Friday lipstick- swatches +pics

1 Dec

So I ordered it last week before that puppy was sold out. I actually ordered two, I can’t help it. I am a collector of sorts. It is a very, very pale pink and won’t be an easy task to pull off. I have not done a FOTD yet, I am off today, it is rainy and I decided no make up today. I only am required to wear it every single day at work, so bear with me. I know I owe you all pics of me wearing the Lanvin lip also. I am on it folks.

Anywho, here ya go!


The color shows a bit darker, but alas I have yet a new camera and I don’t know what the hell I am doing with the settings. No outdoor pic due to the monsoon.

FOTD will be up by some time next week. The lipstick will sell for three more Fridays, if you are unsure, order it anyway. You can always send it back or return at a MAC store. What are your thoughts?

*If you use my pics or swatches please credit and link back to my site. I hardly have to watermark and such.

OFFICIAL Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick release deets!

23 Nov

And here you have it! No wait lists, just hurry up and buy on November 26, 2010! BAM! Will you be sitting on your computer waiting? I

Shout out to Krissy for the heads up!

Nicki Minaj to release an exclusive MAC lipstick!

13 Nov

*this is not a picture of the MAC “Pinky Friday 4” lipstick

According to my source right in sync with her upcoming album release, “Pink Friday”, Nicki Minaj will release an exclusive limited edition lipstick.The lipstick, “Pink Friday 4” will sell beginning next Friday, only on line and only for the next four Fridays. While color swatches have not surfaced and all that good stuff, you can rest assured knowing it will be her signature pink lip look. The color will be a cross between MAC’s “pink nouveau” and “girl about town” (the latter being one of my favorite lipsticks), from what I hear.


  *This is not the actual “Pink Friday 4” lipstick.* I am imagining what the color will look like.


These artists and cosmetic giants collborations are absolutely GENIUS.

And yes, I will be purchasing this, I am obsessed with lipstick, as you know, lol.