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They got it for cheap! Rimmel Mascara haulage!

8 Oct

Don’t know whats with me, looking at my Sunday ads after the week is almost done. Lucky for me, I took advantage of my day off and perused some. Good thing because Rimmel is 50% off at Walgreens! I have never really cared for the eye shadow palettes, but singles are tempting (My Walgreens had no stock of them), and the foundations don’t come dark enough for me. However, it is no secret, Rimmels masacara can hold its own next to many departtment store mascaras.If you can get to Walgreens get there by Saturday night! I really want to try some of their liners so I guess I will be heading back before the sale ends.

Here is what I got:

Have you tried any Rimmel products? Is there anything I should grab before the sale ends?

Here are some things worthy of your cash.