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Skyn Iceland on Hautelook! Check My Recs!

7 Oct

Sorry I am tardy for the Hautelook party today. As you know Hautelook has sales daily and you can get some sweet deals on cult favorites and things you may have always wanted to try. Skyn Iceland is one of those brands today. Skyn is a natural line, formulated for all skin types, but is an excellent pick for those who often have distressed skin and other sensitivities. Being the guinea pig that I am I have actually tried a few items from their line. Their eye cream helps with puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and dark circles. I blogged about their wipes earlier this year. The cleanser is also something that could be a mainstay on your vanity.

Hautelook is my invite only, click here to join.

Below are my recommendations, click for more information.



The prices over at Hautelook are about 30-40% off. Run on over there!

Just in case…

2 Mar

I’m militant about washing my face before bed. Incapacitated, inebriated, or sick make up comes off. I know there are a few people who don’t  *clutches pearls* .Enter Skyn Iceland Glacial cleansing cloth…..for those of you having trouble with the face routine at night, keep these in your night stand. You don’t need water, they are oil free and don’t leave your greasy. They remove everything, even my waterproof Loreal black liquid liner. Your face doesn’t feel stripped.

For you gym bunnies, they are excellent to keep in your bag, if you need to remove make up prior to hitting that spinning class.LFM