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A song for the times…

16 Jan

This song is from the 90’s can’t you tell by the hair and clothing selections? In light of the unbelievable week we have had I think it is very fitting.

Be optimistic. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Eat,Pray, Love on the big screen

11 Jan

The book “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert has graced the New York Times best seller list, and Oprah’s book club. It has been a topic of many conversations, and inspired so many people to do what makes them happy. I read it a couple years ago, after seeing my friend Arax carrying it in her purse. I don’t want to run the risk of spoling the book for anyone who has not read it. But the long and short of it is that Gilbert takes a year to travel Italy,India and Indonesia.It involves a lot of self discovery.

The book was published in 2006, and later this year it will be adapted to film! One of my favorite actresses will play Gilbert. Miss Julia Roberts! I definitely recommend you read this book, and make a movie date for later 2010!

Eating, Praying, Loving,


You’re so vain!

9 Jan

We know the beauty industry is a billion dollar business! But now q-tips! Sheesh! Even they boxes have gotten pretty! So now the box sitting on top on your vanity suddenly isn’t so sterile….eye candy, if you will. Beauty and hygiene rituals have never been prettier! And now REACH toothbrushes come in designs! Forget snagging my favorite color anymore….

Both of these items can be found at Wamart or Target.

Brushing en vogue,


Happy New Year!!!!

3 Jan

From my bed I type….wishing all of you a Happy 2010! I haven’t been out in awhile for New Years. Past couple have been in, with company, or at a friends house. Finally got out this year and had a ball. I have tossed around some ideas for resolutions, but nothing is concrete just yet! Here are some pictures from NYE. I realize that none of you all wanted to see my cleavage, but I’m too lazy to photo shop at the moment. Please forgive me 😉

Make up is as follows: Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation, MAC photo realism quad (crease darkened with Humid), lipstick Maybelline “hooked on pink”, MAC Viva Glam IV lipgloss, MAC brow pencil in “strut” and Nars blush in “Lovejoy”.Red Cherry lashes in #601.

Be well in 2010!!!!!!!

Love ya,mean it.


Feliz Navidad!

26 Dec

I do realize this is a day late. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday.I spent mine resting, as I’m sure many people who work in service/retail industries did.This time of the year is very taxing on us! I don’t spend it with my family because I am so far away. Don’t feel sorry for me…it’s a personal choice to live where I live 🙂
My mother always sends me a box loaded with snacks unique to my home town, and she  included other trinkets and cash! 😉 Weather and my sleep schedule permitting I will be headed here tomorrow. I will treat myself to a few things….not a shopping spree in the least bit, am I practicing extreme restraint these days with shopping.Most everything is a planned purchase.

I stepped out of the house last night and drove around downtown New Haven. I managed to find an open Dunkin Doughnuts, grabbed a coffee, and tipped the guy an extra dollar.It was the least I could for him having to work. A song came on the radio and made me all warm and fuzzy….Definitely one of my fave holiday songs….here is the video!


Forever Young

26 Oct

YES.It’s true. I am approaching thirty….and I don’t look a day over 17.Then I woke up.For those that may not know,the environment is the single biggest cause of aging.This includes pollutants in the air,and the worst of them all the SUN! You can do many things to prevent free radical damage , such as wearing SPF, staying away from tanning beds,smoking, and a healthy diet.And after all of those things, you still need to repair and prevent with great skin care.One of my areas of concern is the eye area.I do not have extreme signs of aging, but this area is usually where you see it first.So recently I have had the opportunity to try Sheseido Benefiance anti-wrinkle eye cream .I am hooked.It hydrates so well that I only use it at night.Dehydrated skin more often shows signs of aging.I also suffer from constant under eye puffiness (Thanks Dad!) and this has helped. In comparison to many other brands the price tag is moderate. You can find out more information at Sephora and other major retailers.



18 Oct

I’m baccckkkk. I just wanted to share with you a blog I’ve been following. This woman’s sense of style is,well,kind of hard to put into words,amazing is an understatement.She mixes high and low from Anthropologie
to Forever 21
If you appreciate fashion and art…..look no further.

The Hidden Seed

P.S. Her photo backdrops are reason #2467 why I love this blog.

Are you ready for the transition?

30 Jun

So we’ve heard about this transition for as long as I can remember. And yes, it is finally here. You know, digital T.V. We know that picture quality is better now than ever before.In fact, cameras an now see 6x greater than we can imagine. For me, this means nothing.I don’t plan on being on TV any time soon.
Except there is one thing, that has me pumped about this whole digital movement.High Definition Foundation , every news anchor and even Oprah is using it! Why you ask? If you can get a flawless face, a soft focus finish with makeup, the question is, why not?! There are of course countless options. Make up Forever Hi Definition foundation is available in 26 shades. It is oil free (oily skin like mine appreciates), because it is made for HD TV it is virtually undetectable. No more harsh lines were it is obvious you are wearing foundation.Perfect for brides and anyone doing print/film work.

For those curious to know, right now, I am wearing 173 and 177 mixed, I am between shades at the moment.
Make up Forever is sold exclusively at Sephora, and at the Make up forever boutique, NYC.

Click,click FLASH!


Follow me……….

9 Feb

On twitter that is. A day in the life of………. ok ok not so much, but anyway yes follow me. By the way, I have a extra bed room of things that I have especially for you all………..How do I know if you read if you don’t comment? ha? So comment and let me know your thoughts……..give aways soon. Carol’s Daughter anyone?

Thats all (in the voice of Miranda Priestly).

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“>Carm’s on Twitter!


23 Dec

Every wanted to know what makes me tick? Reading this blog, or knowing me personally probably has given you a glimpse.I read nearly every fashion magazine the first week of the month.
Next is people watching. I am living in a part if the country where it gets no better.No, seriously these people have style. From the students at Yale University scurring to class in their shabby chic Ivy League threads, to the wealthy women in Fairfield County.Running about town, au pears in tow, with handbags that I could only dream of carrying.Then comes the old money of Greenwich, where it was there I first saw a Crocodile Hermes bag (I nearly passed out in the Gap.)
But while I’m laying in my bed adorned in mismatched socks here are blogs I follow religiously.The Sartorialist,he covers stylish women all over NYC and the world for that matter.I would kill for him to find me stylish enough to want to snap a pic of me.
I actually have a gazillion other blogs to link, but my internet is running at a snails pace on my laptop. Stay tuned and I will do a part 2 before the week is over!

Stay fashionable!