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What I wore.Jive turkeys dig fair isle.

26 Nov

Hope everyone had a relaxing, fattening Thanksgiving. I went to Jersey where I pigged out at the Charter Club, with really nice views of NYC.

I didn’t get really fancy, and just wanted to look put together and presentable. I wore one of my favorite sweaters I got at Anthropologie a couple years ago. I realllyyyyy like fair isle sweaters, it sparks nostaligia. Doesn’t it make it remind you of your youth?

I wore my Levi’s and my oxfords with my old ass sweater.


We stopped in Times Square on our way to Jersey….

Now who is tearing down malls for gifts for Carm tomorrow?

What I wore…. and my obsession with a pair of shoes.

23 Sep

I snapped a couple pics of what I wore to the MAC event the other night. I realize you are looking and saying, well it’s not really picture worthy, Carm. I know, maybe not. But I was so happy to finally pull out my trusty Sam Edelman T-strap wedges that I thought it was post worthy. Granted, these shoes are probably not just restricted for fall/winter, but I LOVE wearing them with socks. I can’t really explain the color,lol. But I can wear them for a decent amount of time before my feet hurt, sans my little ankle problem. I usually pick whatever the most ridiculous, socks that aren’t mismatched to throw on with them

By the way…you guys will see this sweater a lot. I got it at Forever 21 last year and pretty much I will wear it with ANYTHING. It’s been a great layering piece and I’m going to wear until this cheap mess falls apart, unless my cat gets to it first. Skinny jeans from GAP circa de 2006 and a top from Urban Outfitters.  I can’t remember where the belt came from, but its a few years old.

They are almost ugly in a cute way. I LOVE them. Sigh, guess by the look of those socks, it really is Fall.

 Here are some other T-Straps I dig….that blue pair…. is pretty much whispering my name