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How to avoid winter dullness.

9 Dec

Welp. We have about four more months of old man winter, four more months of darkness beginning at like 2pm (or so it feels like), etc. The cold and early sunsets reak havoc on our complexions, rendering us pale, sallow and sometimes flaky.

Here is what I do to preserve my sexy. Of course it starts with skin care.

I wash my face with Ole Henriksen’s African Red Tea foaming cleanser. It soothes and does not over dry- I have oily skin, but still ensure my face is not zapped of all moisture. Next I apply Fresh’s soy face serum, it restores moisture and keeps it hydrated.For day time I use Ole’s truth serum, packed with 10% vitamin C- it brightens and gives radiance like no other. Next I follow up with Ole’s Truth revealed day moisturizer, which also contains vitamin C. Lately, at night, I use Kinerase’s night time moisturizer, it is extremely rich (I could never use a very rich cream in the day time) to keep my face supple, the heat can be the devil.

Every so often I exfoliate with Fresh’s soy face exfoliant, it gets the job done, without being to harsh.

Here are the above mentioned products, click for more details.


As far as make up goes, I don’t think that because it is winter you have to be chained to dark colors. Apply a little of bronzer to warm your skin up. Pick either your lips or cheeks to add a pop of unexpected color.

Here are some recommendations